My name is Wendy MacKenzie, owner of Family Dog Manners.  I am a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, as well as an AKC / CGC Evaluator.

*Just what exactly is a CPDT?
 A dog trainer with the CPDT-KA designation has successfully completed requirements for certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. These include a minimum of 300 hours experience training dogs in a lead trainer role; client, colleague and veterinary references and successful completion of a proctored and psychometrically sound examination.
When you choose to work with a CPDT-KA, you can feel confident that you are entering into a relationship with a trainer who possesses significant experience in the field, a favorable reputation in the community and the necessary understanding and knowledge of the latest in positive dog training techniques.

I have been working with dogs almost my entire life, as they are my passion!  In the past I have offered; in-home training sessions, held Group Training Classes in Lapeer at the Pet Supplies Plus (2010-2017) and have also operated my own training center located in downtown Lapeer (2005 to 2007).   I have been training  on my own - professionally since 2005.

Currently, I offer both In Home Sessions,  Group Classes and Private Sessions at Plaza Pet Club in St. Clair.  I have been in Plaza Pet Club for approximately 1 year.   

Having trained hundreds of dogs, and their owners, I specialize in small one on one group training programs and in home sessions geared towards family dogs and their behavior problems.  I also have knowledge and experience with raising and training deaf dogs - "yes, deaf dogs can and need to be trained".  I suggest both in home and group classes for hearing impaired dogs.

I keep my group programs smaller in order to pay special attention to each and every dog and their owner.  This also minimizes excess stress to your dog.   My goal for my in-home sessions is not to come back over and over again, my goal is to leave a family with the complete "know how" to achieve their end goal in as little sessions as possible.  

In addition, I have the talent of being able to relate to and train not only dogs, but their owners as well!  I am one of the lucky trainers who have switched over entirely to positive methods. Leaving behind "old school" painful methods.  I would like to stress that I am not a fly-by-night dog trainer (there are alot of them out there...) I have spent a great deal of time and energy developing and perfecting my positive techniques and feel that I am "gifted" in the area of dog training.  I truly love my profession and past clients have told me that it shows!  

My theory is that every dog deserves an education.  Dogs aren't brought into this world knowing how to live peacefully within a human home, they must be taught what's expected of them.  On the other hand, humans don't understand their dogs.  They don't speak dog or understand anything about dog psychology, enabling them to communicate or solve any type of behavior problem.  Unfortunately when this occurs, many family dogs are relinquished to shelters.  This is why I am a Trainer - if I can save just one life - it's all worth it!

I have owned several different breeds in my lifetime, including a German Shepherd, Great Dane, Miniature Pincher mix, Coc a Poo, Beagle / Hound Mix, 2 Huskies, 2 Chihuahuas and a Lab/Pointer mix. Most of which were strays or rescues.    ** Notice that I tend not to pick the "easy" breeds - I like a challenge, and understand how to work with the more challenging breeds and mixes.  Give rescues a chance - Fact:  there is enough dogs in this country for every person (not every family - every person) to own at least 10 dogs.  Adopt today!  Have your animals spayed and neutered, stop overpopulation today.

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