Family Dog Manners
Dog Training Services 
Servicing - St. Clair County and Portions of Surrounding Counties

APPROPRIATE DOG BEAVIOR:  All dogs must be free of any type of aggression including; excessive aggressive barking, lunging, reactivity and growling of any type.
METHODS:  At Family Dog Manners, we strictly use "Positive Reinforcement" Methods.  Pain Free, Force Free - no prong collars, shock collars or choke collars - we like to use your dogs brain instead!

Group Classes - Held in St. Clair at Plaza Pet Club  (201 N. Riverside)
Must call 810-329-4127 to enroll

All Classes Include - obedience, manners, behavior solutions, leadership and socialization; unlike most typical Obedience Classes - please compare.

  • Puppy Class - pups 8 weeks old to 6 months old
          Start Now!  Pups learn and socialize best before 16 wks old
  • Beginners Class - dogs over 5 months old
  • Advanced Class - further your dogs training skills
  • Fun Agility (non competition style)

Each Class Includes:

Puppy & Beginners - 4 weeks $89

Commands - sit, down, wait, come, drop it/trade, quiet, off, let's walk nice, o.k /release.

Behavior Solutions and Prevention Techniques - nipping, housebreaking, jumping, barking, greeting people, chewing, steeling, counter surfing, prevention of guarding and aggression and Much More!

Socialization - this is the MOST important thing in any dogs life!  Without this; a dog can grow up lacking confidence, become fearful, unable to cope with new things and even aggressive.  Learn how and when to properly socialize.
*Beginners class does not include social time.

Leadership - non aggressive Leadership Skills to gain your dogs compliance and respect.  Without this; your dog may ignore you. 

Advanced​ - 6 weeks $125
Further your dogs training around distractions, dogs and people.  Build distance and reliability.  Great practice for Canine Good Citizen.  Work on proper dog and human & dog to dog greetings.  Learn Stay, Place ( "go to your place and stay"), heel, leave it, stand & stand/stay, attention cues (touch and watch me), bow, fast/slow/around/stop with leash training.  *Continued Socialization Included.

Canine Good Citizen - 6 weeks $135
Practice all the skills needed to pass the 10 stations of the CGC Test (included week 6).  Must know basic obedience to enroll.  Test included week 6.

Fun Agility​ - 4 weeks for $89. Drop In Hour - $18. 
 Come check out agility, have fun and learn all the obstacles!  Non competition style.  All ages welcome - no experience necessary!

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