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Private Online/Remote Training Consultations
Virtually "face to face"!  Online via FB messenger, phone or e-mail options available.  An incredible solution to getting the coaching and training support you need, to unleash your dog’s best! If you simply have the support, sound advice, and solid process in place, you can create the results you seek – in the comfort of your own home. Are you looking for an private and convenient remote consultations? At Family Dog Manners we can help you with a just a click of a button. We walk customers through the same instruction that we would provide if we were in your home doing a private one-on-one dog training or behavior modification session.
Prices start at $35.


Puppy Problems
Behavior Issues
Obedience Training
Minor Aggression Issues
Dog or Puppy Know How

Our scientific, evidence-based approach, gentle, force-free methods and positive reinforcement combines operant conditioning, classical conditioning, counter conditioning, desensitization, and habituation and is successful in treating mild cases of fear aggression in dogs and problem behaviors such as:

  Puppy nipping
  Dog house training (housebreaking/house soiling)
  Dog leash pulling
  Destructive behavior indoors and/or outdoors
  Begging for food (during mealtime, etc.)
  Bolting out the door
  Dog jumping on people
  Dog excitability
  Fear aggression in dog  
  Dog resource guarding (toys, food, bed, room, etc.)
  Dog fear and phobia’s of noises, people, other animals, objects
  New pet consultations (dog-dog, dog-human, & dog-cat introductions)

To inquire about Remote Consultations:

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