Family Dog Manners
Dog Training Services - LLC
Servicing - St. Clair County and Portions of Surrounding Counties

Family Dog Manners Partners
Family Dog Manners is happy to have their "home base", Training Classes and Private Sessions at Plaza Pet Club in St. Clair.  Plaza Pet Club has been officially open since 2016 and offer everything you need for your family companions - including cats, birds, guinea pigs and more.
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Doggie Daycare
Plaza Pet Club - St. Clair
Not just for Working Parents!  Daycare is Play Time, Socialization Time and Exercise Time!
1/2 days - up to 6 hrs
Full days - up to 12 hrs

Packages Available!

Boarding for All Kinds of household pets!  Dogs, cats, birds, turtle, guinea pigs and more!

Overnight boarding for dogs includes Daycare during the day - unlike most typical Boarding Facilities.
Grooming available for dogs and cats.  Full grooms, trims, puppy cuts, nail trims, mud baths - your pets Spa Day Awaits!