• FAMILY DOGS:  Do you want your dog to have a perfect heel with right hand turns?  Do you care if your dog can down/stay perfectly straight for 40 minutes?  Do you need them to be able to run through an Agility Course?   We focus on the needs of Families and their dogs - Not agility, Not Protection, Not Show Dogs, Not Competition Obedience.  Why go to an Agility Facility or Competition Obedience Facility to train your Family Dog?  Choose Wisely.

  • LEADERSHIP:  All dogs need Leadership - not just aggressive dogs!  Without respect from your dog, they will make their own decisions.  You can teach them all their commands, but they will decide if and when THEY want to listen.  Most "classes" do not teach this!  Owners think their dog is too distracted to listen, but they are actually telling their owner "No!" 

  • AFFORDABLE:  We try to keep our prices affordable for the average family dog owner.  All Classes are under $100 and watch for our "specials" and coupons!  10% off for adopted dogs w/proof.  Join w/friend end receive 10% off.

  • TRAINER:  Not your generic "pet store chain" classes!   We are an independent company not employed by Pet Supplies Plus or Tractor Supply, providing individualized programs structured differently for each and  every class. 

  • CLASS SIZE: Unlike most training programs, ours are kept small - allowing  only 5 dogs (other facilities allow 8-15) , this guarantees personal one-on-one attention and means  less stress to you and  your dog.   

  • METHODS:  With the use of gentle/humane Positive Reinforcement methods, your dog will learn what is expected of them.  Using what your dog finds most motivating to them (treats, praise, toys etc).  Please beware of negative, harmful, inhumane methods such as; prong collars, choke chains or shock collars.  These methods do not "teach" your dog anything.

  • EXTRAS:  Not just your typical obedience commands - Learn so much more:  13 commands, socialization, household manners, leadership skills program, behavior prevention / modification, handouts:  behavior, 10 page owners manual, homework sheets.  Phone and e-mail support.  


ALL AGES (8 weeks old & up)              6 week program  - 1 hour per week   $99
Dogs are put into either a "Basic" or "Puppy" class depending on their age and social skills

 10% discounts for rescues (w/proof) or multiple dog registrations

Obedience commands:  13 Commands to help you gain control and communicate with your family dog .          * "typical" classes teach you 4 or 5

Behavior Prevention / Modification: 


Leadership / Control:  
* this is not included in "typical" obedience classes


Household Manners & Living With Your Family Dog:


Extras Included: 

Prior training required
4 wk program - 1 hour per week   $69 
10% off prior graduates

This class is designed to "fine tune" already known behaviors and commands.  Adding distractions, achieving quicker responses and  working on leadership skills.  Most of the class is held in the distracting isles of Pet Supplies Plus or Tractor Supply Co.

  • Watch Me   (look at me for guidance)
  • Sit
  • Down   (lay down)
  • Touch   (attention game)
  • Wait   (pause/self control)
  • Come   (come to me quickly)
  • Leave It   (don't touch that, look at me)

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  • Off   (remove yourself)
  • O.K.   (you may now move)
  • Stay   (sit / stay and down / stay)
  • Let's Go   (walk nicely)
  • Get (that's mine, move away)
  • Drop It   (open your mouth and release)
  • Place -   (optional, send your dog to their own personal doggie bed or mat on cue)
  • 13 Page Owners Manual
  • Weekly Homework and Behavior Sheets
  • Leadership Skills Manual
  • Behavior Modification Hand Outs
  • Graduation Certificate w/picture
  • E-Mail & Phone Support
  • Nipping
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Housebreaking
  • Pesterig Visitors
  • Running Out Doors
  • Garbage Steeling
  • Leash Pulling
  • Guarding
  • Lack of Attention
  • Running Away
  • Fears
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Whining / Begging
  • Attention Seeking
  • Table Surfing
  • Bossy Behavior
  • Excited / submissive urination
  • And More!
  • Control while visitors enter
  • Control around children
  • Control of your dogs "needs & wants"
  • For Bossy Dogs
  • For Bossy Breeds
  • For Sassy Dogs
  • ​For Dogs that ignore commands
  • For Dogs that make their own decisions
  • For Dogs that "guard" their "values"
  • Teenage Dogs (6 months to 18 months old)
  • Prevention or Overly Bossy Behavior for Puppies
  • And More!
  • The most important thing you will ever provide.  Without proper, early and continued socialization, a dog may;  become fearful, unable to play "nice" with other dogs, unable to "speak" dog,  unable to deal with loud noises or new situations or potentially become aggressive
  • Learn How and When to properly socialize your dog
  • Teach your dog how to "cope" with new situations
  • Socialize with the other dogs and people in class
  • Compare - not all training facilities teach you about "socialization" and some don't let your dogs socialize
  • Greeting Visitors
  • Waiting to go out doors
  • Self Control
  • Feeding "rituals"
  • Pestering People

  • Exercise Requirements
  • Breed Specifics
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Behaving Around Children
  • Crating Know How
WHY CHOOSE US - We are very different:                    

OUR FOCUS:  Our focus is on "Family Dogs" and their needs.  Our programs include much more than "generic" Obedience Classes.  

OBEDIENCE TRAINING ALONE:  Obedience Training Alone; does not solve most behavior issues; all our programs include -  leadership / control, manners, socialization,  behavior solutions and multiple obedience commands.  

CLASS STRUCTURE:  We offer smaller personal one-on-one group classes.  *Some facilities allow up to 15 dogs.

METHODS:  Positive Reinforcement Methods (no negative or harmful methods).

PUPPY & BASIC (Beginners Manners):

  • 6 week program - 1 hour per week
  • 8 weeks old and up welcome
          Current on vaccinations
  • Deaf dogs welcome
  • No aggressive dogs please
  • Price: $125 - must call 810-329-4127 to enroll          

11 Obedience Commands:  watch (attention cue), sit, down, come, drop it, off, let's go (walk nice), o.k. (you may move), wait (wait for food bowl, doorways, getting out of car, greeting people), trade​ and stay (level 1 - duration) 

Behavior Solutions / Prevention Tips:  jumping, nipping/mouthing, barking, attention seeking, housebreaking, digging, counter surfing, garbage steeling, running away,  guarding & more!

Leadership:  You can teach your dog all the obedience commands in the world; but if they do not respect you - they will not listen to you.  Learn how to gain leadership using our non-physical / non-aggressive methods.

Socialization:  without proper socialization -  a dog may suffer with aggression and fear issues.  Learn how and when to properly socialize your dog.  This is the most important thing you will every provide your dog with!  

Greetings / Manners:  we will practice having each dog sit quietly and calmly before  meeting people, before eating, going through doors etc.

Know How:  each week you will receive written homework and behavior hand outs.  You will also receive an owners manual for reference.  You will learn how dogs think, learn & communicate - this will enable you to modify behaviors and train your dog properly.  We will discuss crating, exercise requirements, nutrition and more.

Graduation:  each student will take a very small test, receive a graduation certificate, perform a graduation "party trick" for the class and get their picture taken in a Graduation Hat!


  • Previous training required 
         (must know - sit, down, come, stay or wait)
         6 week program - 1 hour per week - $125
         Must call 810-329-4127 to enroll
  • Current on vaccinations
  • No aggressive dogs please
  • Deaf dogs welcome

This program will further and fine tune already known commands such as:  sit, down, come, watch, stay & wait.
We will add distractions and learn a few new commands and fun tricks.​
We will practice some of the skills needed for the CGC test.

Obedience Commands:  heel, stand, leave it (don't touch that), touch (attention cue), get (authority cue / move away), bow, go to your place (go to your mat or bed and stay), stay level 2 & 3 (distance & distractions) & leash commands (fast, slow, stop, close, around).  

Greetings:  each dog will have the opportunity to master; calm and polite - dog to dog greetings and dog to human greetings.

Graduation:  each student will receive a graduation certificate. Our goal by week 6 is to line each dog and student up while their dogs are fully under control and take a group photo in a "sit or down stay".

AKC / CGC - Canine Good Citizen Program:

  • Previous Training Recommended
  • All Ages & Breeds Welcome (including mixed breeds)
  • 6 week program - 1 hour per week
  • Current on vaccinations
  • No aggressive dogs allowed
  • Deaf dogs welcome
  • Price - $135 (includes Testing)

Would you like to prove that your dog can behave and act accordingly in a 
public environment - around dogs and people and you are a Responsible Dog Owner? 
Then this class is for you!​

You will practice all 10 "skills" needed to take the AKC/CGC test.  We will practice "self control", owners control of their dog, ignoring other dogs, sitting for petting and being brushed, being away from the dogs owner for 3 minutes with a stranger, coming when called & all basic commands.
*This class will also prepare your dog for "Therapy Dog" work.


  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Appearance and grooming
  • Out for a walk (walking on a loose leash)
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Sit and down on command and staying in place
  • Come when called
  • Reaction to another dog
  • Reaction to a distraction
  • Supervised Separation from owner for 3 minutes


  • Price - $125 for 6 weeks
  • Non-Competition Style - Strictly for "FUN"!
  • Must have previous Obedience Training - Sit, Wait/Stay & Come is needed
  • Attention Exercises
  • Introduction to Obstacles
  • Small Course Runs
  • Practice needed Obedience Commands
  • All Ages and Breeds Welcome (dogs under 1 year will be limited to small height jumps.)


Lapeer - Pet Supplies Plus - Sorry, we are no longer in Lapeer
*There is a new company at PSP - Happy K9 - call 810-834-5838!

Pet Plaza Club - St. Clair - Call 810-329-4127 to enroll