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Servicing - St. Clair County and Portions of Surrounding Counties
St. Clair MI

Level 1 - Puppy

Puppy (choose one):

Tues. Nov. 19 - 7 pm (skip Thanksgiving wk)
Wed. Nov. 20 - 7 pm (skip Thanksgiving wk)

*Under 6 months old
*Older small breeds welcome


Mon. Dec. 2 at 7 pm

*Dogs over 5 months old welcome

Fun Agility
Level 2 (Advanced) 
Canine Good Citizen
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Up and Coming Classes:

​Call 810-329-4127 to enroll!
4 week class - Coming Soon.  Call to be put on our waiting list.
*All ages - no experience necessary

​1 Hour Fun Agility Instruction Drop In - $20 - Thurs. Nov. 21 at 7 pm
4 week class $89
Grads of Advanced Level 2 - $80

Advanced - Sun. Nov. 17 at 2 pm

*6 weeks including Test $135

Coming Soon - If interested please e-mail us at
Tricks & Socialization Hour
Join us and teach your dog some fun tricks such as; bow, high five, shake, roll over, kisses, jump through hoop, crawl etc.  
Come socialize with the other dogs and Doggie Parents in Class.

Coming Soon